My Top 3 Mexican Restaurants in the Phoenix metro Area

If you’re a busy parent, business owner or just freaken busy with life, finding time for date night with your spouse can be a challenge. Luckily, the Phoenix metro area has become a foodie town with plenty of great restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a casual spot for a quick bite or a special place to celebrate a milestone, here are my top three Mexican restaurants in the area!

Mochilero Kitchen

Located near my house, Mochilero Kitchen is a go-to spot for my wife and me. The food is delicious, the vibe is great, and the cocktails are top-notch. Plus, it’s just a five-minute drive from our home, which means we can enjoy a night out without worrying about being too far away from our four little ones. Whether we’re meeting friends for drinks or enjoying a romantic dinner for two, Mochilero Kitchen never disappoints.

Gallo Blanco Cafe

If you’re looking for a family-friendly spot that won’t break the bank, Gallo Blanco Cafe is a must-visit. Kids eat free under age 12, which is a huge bonus for parents on a budget. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is lively and fun. It’s the perfect place to take out-of-town guests or to enjoy a casual dinner with friends.


For a truly special night out, Bacanora is the place to go. This tiny restaurant seats just 20-30 people at a time and reservations are hard to come by. But if you’re willing to show up early on a weekday to stand in line, you might just get lucky. The menu changes every week, but you can always count on amazing Sonoran style Mexican food that is all fire-grilled. It’s one of our guilty pleasures when we want to splurge and celebrate a special occasion. Plus, it was recently named one of the 40 best new restaurants in America, so you know it’s delicious.

The Phoenix metro area has no shortage of great restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual night out or a special occasion, these three spots are sure to create lasting memories. Next time you’re planning a date night with your spouse or a family night with the kids, consider trying one of these top-rated restaurants and enjoying some delicious Mexican cuisine. Better yet, don’t forget to invite us to join!


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